Web Design

The websites below were all designed and modified using squarespace's CMS. Custom styling and modifications (CSS, HTML, & JQuery) were done to all sites. I wrote most of the content, and many photographs were captured and edited by myself as well. Please contact me for more info or if you have any questions about implementation!


IPSUMM Inc. is a holding company routed in the manufacturing sector. It acts as the "base of operations" for it's subsequent divisions, including i2i Engineering, NGPM, Hudson Cutting Solutions, USM Americas, and ENTAKT.

Web projects for IPSUMM include a complete website redesign from the ground up, including content creation, photography, logo design, and SEO optimization.

Hudson Cutting Solutions

Hudson Cutting Solutions is a distributor for industrial cutting presses. Projects for them included a website redesign, content creation, event management, and collateral materials.

Their website features a rotating banner image highlighting the key ideals the company encompasses for their customers, utilizing compelling imagery to draw the user in.

Rotating Banner Stock Imagery


i2i Engineering

i2i is an engineering firm specializing in manufacturing optimizations. They've developed proprietary collaborative robots to quickly integrate into any production process.

Projects for i2i include a custom logo design, extensive product datasheet work, and a full website design. Their website features a full screen image on their homepage, as well as parallax scrolling on their product feature pages. They also have a custom JQuery script in place to transform all instances of "I2I," and other various uppercase combinations, to match their brand standard formatting of "i2i."

Next Generation Precision Machining is a machine shop creating swiss-turn, CNC, and other machined parts. They make parts as small as pins for flutes, to large base pieces of yachts.

Projects for NGPM include a brochure, website redesign, photography, and content creation. Their website highlights their ISO certification.




A service and support group, ENTAK specializes in providing manufacturing and customer service support to both IPSUMM and IPSUMM's divisions, as well as external customers.

Projects for ENTAKT include web design, brochure work, and salesforce support. Their website features a dynamic block layout that adjusts to various screen sizes highlighting their key offerings.