Originally created as an exploratory introspective of a reader and writer's history, this site now serves as a full portfolio of just about everything I think qualifies as a "project." There's always more untapped potential waiting to be fulfilled in anything, and as such I'm never willing to admit something is "done."


Witty Banter.

Wherein, I attempt to write something compelling to make you click the buttons below. 




An overview of professional projects including with emphasis placed on brand awareness, collateral writing, and document design.

Web Design

A collection of the web design projects I've executed using Squarespace's CMS platform. Sites were built from the ground up with new content and graphics.

Resume / Contact

Want to get to know me? I promise I don't bite! Check here for my qualifications and how best to contact me, and take a copy of my resume to go!



Featured Blog Posts

While not directly relevant to my portfolio work, this blog highlights my writing style when writing for a casual audience, as well as my ability to layout information in a compelling and intuitive manner.